7  Offboarding

Everybody will at some point leave the group. Degrees get completed, jobs are obtained, super exciting! Having a clear offboarding process ensures there are no loose ends when a member leaves the lab, that others who might carry on work being done can do so most easily, and provides an opportunity to clarify any remaining steps (e.g. publication, future collaboartions).

7.1 Exit Interview

Set up a dedicated time to meet with Marta to talk about your time in the lab, and to go through the below checklist to make sure these have been done. Besides the checklist, things to talk about include the best part of being in our team, whether you got the support you needed and what could we improve for mentoring and training someone in your role in the future. Checklist for students, staff, and post docs to be prepared

7.2 Project Documentation

Project work should be hosted either in a github repository linked to the farre-lab account, or saved on the hpc-farrelab folder on ICARUS (prefereably both).

Each project should have an easily found README text file that provides information for others so they can navigate and use your work, and give contact information for authors (and any data creators/use restrictions if propietary data). Ideally, the README should also include links to publications and presentations from the work.

7.3 Publications and Presentations

Ensure that publications and presentations from your projects are archived in the appropriate folder on the lab OneDrive.

7.4 Data

Data used in support of your projects should be:

  • Saved in appropriate, non-proprietary format with accompanying metadata
  • Either in a public archive (e.g., the github repo or another public archive), or if data is proprietary, a ‘snapshot’ version of the data used in the project should be saved in a private repository accessible to lab members. Alternatively, data could be saved on the hpc-farrelab folder on ICARUS with appropriate documentation.
  • Linked and briefly described in the project README.

7.5 Code

Code used or developed for the project should be:

  • complete and well-documented, including information in a README about what each file does and workflow to run the code
  • Saved on the hpc-farrelab folder on ICARUS, and also preferably available on github in a public repository.

7.6 Timelines for publications

Science is not finished until it has been communicated. Hopefully, you will publish your results in the peer-reviewed literature so that others can learn and build from your work. During your exit interview, make a plan with Marta for remaining publications, including a timeline for submission.

7.7 Turning in equipment

Ensure any lab equipment (e.g. computer and peripherals) you have been using has been returned to the lab. Make sure any problems with equipment are documented and that Marta has been made aware of them.

7.8 Removing key card and ICARUS access

Key card and ICARUS access will be terminated at the end of your contract. During your exit interview, discuss with Marta whether modifications need to be made to this timeline.