Farré Lab Handbook

This is the lab manual for the Farré Lab

Marta Farré


May 20, 2024

1 Welcome!

1.1 Welcome to our lab handbook

This is the lab manual for the Farré Lab at School of Biosciences at the University of Kent (UK).

Our lab aims to study genome evolution and the genetic changes associated with individual and species differences, focusing particularly in structural variants and chromosome rearrangements. More about our group’s research activity can be found on our website.

This lab handbook is intended to provide an overview for lab members and others about how we do our work, and our expectations for our team. It is also a space to document institutional knowledge and for important information about procedures and available resources. If you have suggestions for additions or changes, please contact Marta (m.farre-belmonte@kent.ac.uk) or make a pull request.

The GitHub Pages of this lab handbook is forked from The Fay Lab.